Orthotics are for everyone!

Orthotics are fashioned specifically for YOUR feet, no one elses.  Three dimensional imaging is done digitally during an office visit.  Materials and features are chosen based on YOUR specific needs, shoes and activities.  They are created in an off site lab according to specifications made by the Doctor.  Quality control ensures the devices are as ordered prior to being shipped out.

There are a myriad of problems that orthotics can help:

   --Back pain

   --Muscle pain and cramping

   --Ankle instability

   --Heel spurs / Plantar fasciitis

   --Foot deformities 

   --Chronic tendinitis

   --Difficulty walking


   --Athletic activity

As with most custom products, occassionally adjustments are necessary to ensure comfort.  They are made for longevity; 7 to 10 years for adults, and growth plans allow kids to obtain new orthotics as they grow!


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