Warm weather brings chirping birds, blooming flowers, sunshine and FLIP FLOPS!

While this shoe type is convenient, it certainly has it's dangers.  Because flip flops areonly held onto your feet via a thong between two toes, they are not designed for any type of exertional activities.  In addition to being somewhat unstable, most filp flops are not adequately supportive.  They are not made for running, hiking, sports, or playing outside.  

They are a wonderful resource poolside, or around the house for activities that do not require prolonged walking or physical exertion.

Thankfully, there are now flip flops that offer some supportive features.  A Podiatric Physician can advise, based on you foot structure and medical history, what the best flip flop option is for you.

Stephanie Spicer, DPM Podiatric Physician and Surgeon Founder and Owner

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